Animas Foundation is actively involved in economic development initiatives to provide economic growth opportunities to families.

Our primary area of focus is assisting with creating small entrepreneurial income-enhancement opportunities. We use volunteer professional talent to help families conceptualize and develop their business plan. We then work with them to help them launch their business ventures for small financing through crowd-funding and crowd-lending avenues.

The service delivery model includes support from training, development, planning, implementation and sustenance support.

The foundation’s other area of focus is exposing youth to entrepreneurship opportunities.

In the area of Youth Development, the foundation organizes training for the youth aged 13 and older in Leadership Development and Entrepreneurship exploration.

The ultimate objective of the foundation is to create a spark of hope for future for these families.

We hope you will choose to help the cause with your volunteer time and talent as we strive to make a difference in some lives.


Animas Foundation has launched MONEY SMART KIDS – a financial education program for 5 – 8 year old children.

The program is being offered as a Special Program for schools in Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, with cooperation from A. Morani CPA P.C..

Schools are invited to visit the program page on our website and send in a request. In the first phase, we will be providing the program to 25 schools, while maximizing the number of children reached through this program in 2015.

Please visit MONEY SMART KIDS to request participation in the program.